Its Quick and Quacky!
According to Playthings magazine, Endless Games is producing Quackgammon, in its 2009 line of family oriented games! Look for it in stores by summertime.

Backgammon: Redux, Reduced!
You will find in Nannon one half of the dice, one quarter of the board, and one fifth of the pieces, and the doubling cube. For just under $10 it makes for a very portable, fast playing, fun little game!

Nano and Backgammon? Its a Perfect Storm of Awesome!
     Poker Player and Geek Blogging Celebrity

I had the pleasure of playing this little wonder yesterday. It's fun. It's quick. And it has gambling written all over it.

Despite its quick play, NANNON is a surprisingly complex game, which could attract younger players and lead to a Backgammon renaissance.
              Martin Storer
1993 American Backgammon Tour Champion & Author of Backgammon Praxis

I've found NANNON to be a great way to meet people in bars. Its a conversation starter!
       Peter from Australia

NANNON has gone down really well with friends of mine, its a good game to play in the pub when the conversation dries up!
              Katie, age 24, UK

My husband thinks he is so much smarter than me in math, but when we played NANNON, I won 50 points right away!
                Carrie, age 45

I already played some games and must say, that your game is really quite clever and more complex than one might think at first. Thanks and good luck!"
          Marcus, age 44, Germany


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